About Me



I'm Bobby Brace. Minnesota resident. Full-time Software QA. Part-time Game Developer/Writer. Dungeon/Game Master of 15+ years.

QA Experience

  • 1.5 years at Activision doing technical requirements testing for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita (2012 and 2013 seasons, 9 month contracts).

  • 6 years doing functional testing, both manual and automated, for a variety of projects, including - package scanning (both on the scanner and the web UI), legal case intake and management, various reporting services, and Microsoft SharePoint applications.

Technical experience

  • Languages known: JavaScript and C#

  • Have worked mostly in .Net, but have some exposure to Node.js

  • Automated web testing with Selenium

  • ISTQB Certified Test Automation Engineer

  • Repository management: Git and TFVC

  • Countless hours of experience working with Unity, Unreal 4, and Phaser.js

  • Narrative game scripting with Ink and Twine

Other experience

  • Many years in customer service positions

  • Video and audio editing

  • Proficient in Japanese (mostly verbal)

  • Was a radio DJ in college

  • Spent my last two years of high school in theater and running much of the TV news program

Favorite games

  • Okami - original PS2 version

  • Persona 3/4/5 (don't make me pick)

  • Bayonetta

  • Dark Souls

  • World of Warcraft - been playing off/on since December 2004

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