Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV - Some thoughts

Those who know me know that I am a lover of fishing mini-games. I find myself losing hours to them in many games. Now, I don't actually like fishing in real life so it has nothing to do with that. I just find something very satisfying about taking a break from some stressful game world and letting my character find the time to relax into some fishing. There are usually treasures involved, so the game rewards me as well.

Final Fantasy XV has one of the best fishing mini-games I have ever encountered. The main game is wrought with many poor decisions, but many of its little side systems are extraordinary. The fishing, though, is in a league of its own in this game. So I was very excited to find out that SquareEnix was going to create a VR spin-off title for the PlayStation VR. I already owned a helmet, so I knew this would be a day one purchase for me. Having now spent a couple of hours with it, here are my thoughts:

  1. It's very apparent that SquareEnix had to do some hack work to make their FFXV engine work with the PSVR. It's possible that this would be less obvious if I was running a PS4 Pro, but as it is there is some pretty intense artifacting in the peripheral vision and objects don't really come into good focus until they're roughly 10 feet away from you
  2. That being said, what is there runs well. That's a technical requirement so it's not surprising, but the visuals that are there are smooth
  3. Controls are simple and easy to grasp. I haven't yet tried playing with the Move controllers, but both my partner and I had zero trouble picking up the controls. Movement around a space is done via a look-and-teleport method and it feels smooth. Neither of us have experienced even a little motion sickness
  4. The gameplay itself is satisfying and fun! If you're familiar with the fishing minigame from FFXV, you already know how to play this game. I can't tell if it's a dumbed down version of that game or if they simply changed the UI. One thing I noticed is that the line tension meter is replaced with the vibration of the controller, which actually does a really good job. It'd probably be far better with the Switch's JoyCon, but the Dualshock holds its own
  5. The set pieces of the various maps are fun! It is something else seeing those monsters up close. They don't attack you, it's just dressing on the scenery. My partner found it very unnerving being around sahaugin on one map, but also there was a fluffy chocobo chick and we both loved it. I unironically screamed at the chocobo on the first map because it looked so pettable and I was very frustrated that I could not pet it
  6. Cindy is even worse in VR
  7. I want to touch Noctis's feathery hair
  8. This game embraces another thing that FFXV did very well - the photo mode. There are several options for taking/saving pictures within the game's UI and we also additionally both found ourselves hitting that Share button a lot. Maybe we're just dorks, but it seems to be a very screenshot-worthy game
  9. The music is soothing as hell. I think all of it is from the FFXV soundtrack already, but there's some really relaxing stuff in there

That is all I have for now! I am looking forward to spending more time with it over the Thanksgiving break. I may post again on this game.