Tension hangs in the air like smog, making everyone in the area uncomfortable and a little short of breath, but they are excited. Something is about to happen and Cameron, like he always seems to be, is right there in the middle of it. He looks down the street and the Red Caps, a group of young men and women in santa-style stocking hats and covered head to toe in tattoos that are anything but festive. He looks back down the other way to look at the Blue Shorts, a gang of well-muscled toughs with a uniform cut of short-cropped hair of vibrant blue and none standing over 5'4".

Cameron feels the heat emanating from both ends of this now-deserted city street. The citizens in the area know what is about to happen and have locked themselves behind closed doors and barred windows. Cameron watches on as one of the Red Caps sharpens a wooden staff painted like a big candy cane, which seems a waste since it's going to be all red very soon. Cameron feels that this is his moment, his time to really take care of business.

"Ice cream!" he cries from the side opening of his white truck as he switches on the familiar jingling of bells like a sweet siren's call. "Come get your pre-fight ice cream! Build your bones up with some calcium before you break your enemies! Bring that sugar rush into battle!"

He sees some heads look around at each other at this. some nods are exchanged and some glaring eyes turn his direction as small groups of ruffians approach the ice cream truck from either end. Cameron braces himself for the coming onslaught.

"Chocolate," says the first of the Blue Shorts.

"One of them blue hedgehogs," demands a Red Cap.

Pretty soon ice cream orders are flying left and right, dollars are piling up higher and faster, and more and more of the members are joining the crowd, wanting to get in on this unexpected distraction from the coming bloodshed. Soon, all of the members of each crew have found themselves crowded together around this white truck with its jingling tune. It seems that, for a moment, it's possible that nothing will happen. But Cameron knows better.

It was the blue hedgehog-eater that falls first. A look of terror fills his eyes as he realizes what is happening to him. There is no cry out, no torrent of hateful words or demands for blood. There is only that look before he falls to the ground and is gone. Panic begins to ripple throughout the crowd as one-by-one they continue to fall. It takes only a few moments for both the crowds of Red Caps and Blue Shorts to turn on Cameron, but he remains calm, as he is sure that the danger to him has passed. Their knees give way beneath them, but one Red Cap manages to catch herself with her sharpened candy cane staff and looks angry and desperate into Cameron's eyes.

"Why?" she manages to get out as she begins to sag heavy against her weapon.

"I scream," Cameron says, opening the sealed door to his truck and stepping out onto the pavement. "You scream," he continues, gazing out over the field of the fallen bodies and unfinished treats."We all scream...for blood."