Officer Johnson

"Johnson, get in here!"

Officer Derrick Johnson made his way to the chief's office to see what she needed. It had been a rough month on the force, ever since his former partner fell in a hail of bullets that had spilled a hundred feet from a broken shipping container.  He hoped that the chief had some good news for him today.

"Shut the door!" Chief Lee ordered as he stepped through the entrance. She waited until Johnson followed through and sat down in front of her desk. "Good, you're going to want to be sitting down for this.

"Wh..." Johnson began.

"The thing is, Derrick, that you're a damn good officer but you haven't been quite on the ball since Davis had that terrible accident with the crane and the horse. Clearly you need to have a good partner at your back, so I have a little surprise for you. Davis!"

Derrick felt his blood pressure drop to a trickle as the ghost of his former partner, Laura Davis, materialized in front of him. She was just as he remembered on the day she had suddenly been killed after that crane had poked that horse and the cascading catastrophic events that tipped that freighter over. She smiled down at him in that sarcastic way.

"Well, Officer Johnson, what do you think? Requisitioning a necromancer is costly but I think it's worth it in this case."

"Uh.." he began, "this is great, but, couldn't they have summoned her without all these horrific bullet wounds?"

"Wasn't in the budget."