The following is from a writing prompt in a gamedev slack channel. The prompt was simply a picture of a large chicken statue outside a gas station.

“Give me everything in the register.”
Tad looked up from his book to see the blade of a hunting knife staring him in the face, its wielder's identity hidden by a dark ski mask. He’s always heard about gas stations being robbed before, but he hadn’t expected it would ever happen to him. Tad quickly dropped his book on the counter and put his hands in the air.
“Whoa, man, take it easy,” he said, his voice shaking.
“No, man, I won’t take it easy! Give me everything in the register!” the masked man demanded again.
Tad slowly brought his hands down to the register in front of him and, shooting a quick glance at the robber, he clicked a button on the machine. The drawer did not pop open.
“What the hell did you just do?” the man said angrily, waving his weapon around threateningly. “You call the pigs?”
“No,” Tad said with a light smirk. Outside in the parking lot the ground shuddered once, then twice. The pounding of earth fell into a rapid rhythm. “I called the chicken.”
The window next to the assailer exploded inward as a mass of white feathers and sharp talons erupted amongst shattered glass.
“Ba-kaaaaa!”  the large creature cried as its claws dug full on into the startled man’s chest before quickly kicking out and sending him flying 15 feet into a soda cooler.
With a loud thud, the man crumbled to the floor unconscious. The soda cooler surprisingly showed no signs of damage. The 12’ foot tall chicken, its massive frame barely fitting within the confines of the store, looked at Tad expectantly with a vacant stare.
Tad stood dumbfounded for a moment before fishing out a handful of corn and holding it out to the monstrous bird in his wavering palm. The creature picked at the corn gingerly, avoiding harming the store employee.
“Ba-ka,” it said simply before exiting through the now glassless window to return to its perch.
The Spur Oil Inc. was safe again.