My Frostpunk thread on twitter gained a fair bit of traction, so I figured I'd copy my thoughts over here.

I haven't been playing as many games since I finished God of War, but I took a dive into #Frostpunk and I think I can safely say that it's the most captivating city builder I've ever played. It's punishing, it's smart, and it's beautiful.

What gets me most of all is that the mechanics manage to communicate the despair and hope of your little town's populace. I scramble to manage the cold and keep all my systems and people running, but sometimes it gets to be too much and you realize that you have to accept losses.

The scale of the thing feels perfect, too. There are few enough people that every one of them feels like they matter, which I love. The radial building grid that requires you to work from the inside-out constrains the amount of building choices in a meaningful way.

From where I am now, skill-wise, it doesn't feel like the min-maxing that I used in games like Banished or Caesar will be as effective in Frostpunk, but time could prove me wrong. Instead it feels like which buildings you lean into depends on personal choices, which are as much of an emotional decision as a practical one. For instance, I can't figure whether child laborers or child medical assistants is a more resource-efficient choice, but I know that my one game watching children die from exposure while gathering coal was too much for me.

Anyway, shout out to @11bitstudios for this game. Frostpunk is very cool (pun definitely intended) and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys city builders, strategy games, or emergent storytelling.